At the one-year anniversary of the Merrimack Valley gas explosions and fires, WBZ NewsRadio looks back at the disaster.

"Gas could be smelled in the streets. Plumes of smoke were seen coming from homes. One officer in Lawrence pointed to towering stacks of smoke coming from Lawrence and said, 'See those? Drive away from those.'"

The co-owner of the Middle East Restaurant and Night Club in Cambridge, Joseph Sater, is retiring after 44 years of managing the iconic venue. Sater steps down amid unsubstantiated claims of sexual assault that have spread on social media since October.

“We can say, unequivocally, that the allegations being spread online are absolutely not true and that just being publicly accused is absolutely devastating,” the venue said in a statement. “We have worked hard to create a warm, respectful, safe-- and, as a music venue-- fun work environment. We always strive to do better and we sincerely apologize if any current or former employees have not had a positive experience or have felt unsafe.”

As the executive producer of Legend: Remixed – a modern reinterpretation of Bob Marley and the Wailers’ best-selling greatest hits album – Jason Bentley has spent a lot of time lately wondering how young EDM fans will respond to Marley’s message of peace and unity. The question took on a new urgency a few weeks ago when a shooting spree left five dead at the college campus that is also home to KCRW, the Santa Monica-based radio station where Bentley is music director.

Experimental filmmaker Jennifer Elster prefers to avoid specifics when she talks about her mysterious new star-studded film series, The Being Experience. “I’m completely connected to the core of my existence and the truth,” she says. “It’s what I care about.” Which means . . . what, exactly? Viewers can search for hints in the latest installment of the series, featuring Dave Matthews and actor Terrence Howard.

Tool closed out the three-day Boston Calling music festival just before 11:00 PM on Sunday night (May 28). Bruising, towering riffs thundered out across the crowd of thousands as a bevy of lasers filled the sky and disturbing visuals dripped down the flanking screens.

On Everything, Mayer deftly bridges the divide between foot-stomping blues, refined Americana songwriting, and radio-ready pop. Fans from every era of the musician’s varied career will find something to love on this stunning record.

“We were a majority black band from the beginning, but no one ever thought about that. The color didn’t matter because we all played with different musicians of all colors in Charlottesville anyways,” violinist Boyd Tinsley told Mix 104.1 before the show.

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Sitting in a small, dimly lit dressing room and nursing a climbing fever, Antonoff opened up about life in New Jersey, working with pop sensation Lorde, and what it means to be true to your musical self. Forgoing a handshake for a germ-free elbow bump, the dark-haired singer shuffled swiftly into his spot on the couch. Peering at me through his signature full-frames, Antonoff chooses his words carefully – much like a seasoned sports star at a post-game presser – but underneath the carefully crafted persona is a mile-a-minute Jersey kid who’s still trying to prove himself, night after night.

Dave Matthews Band's Boyd Tinsley Opens Up About Late Bandmate LeRoi Moore In Emotional Exclusive Interview

“There’s this magical thing that used to happen when LeRoi and I played, we would almost meld into one,” Tinsley said. “The Dave Matthews Band before LeRoi had passed is different than the Dave Matthews Band now. LeRoi was a big part of the band, and his voice is a missing ingredient.”

Chadwick Stokes “Chetro” Urmston, Pete “Francis” Heimbold, and Brad “Braddigan” Corrigan formed Dispatch as students at Middlebury College before relocating to the Boston area. Without major label support, the trio grew Dispatch into one of the most successful bands in America. Touring extensively across the country following the release of Who Are We Living For?, tensions between members and differing opinions on which direction to take the music led the group to call it quits in 2002.

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